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Advantages of wet room kit shower tray

Increasingly, in both flats and houses, we meet with shower in bathrooms. It is a very convenient solution, and at the same time does not take up much space. So what shower is worth choosing?

Wet room kit shower tray the best for everyone

What is the low wet room kit shower trays, everyone can see. Or we can look at this piece of equipment from the other side and find that it is shallow. Usually, manufacturers specify this property of shower trays by a depth parameter, which ranges from 1.5 cm to 6 cm. There are even toddlers in the floor, offering the same visual effect as a shower without wet room kit shower trays (with shower drain).

Anyway, thanks to its small size, the slim shower tray is especially desirable in homes where children or the elderly live. Because for those households a low shower tray means above all independence and comfort of use! Daily hygiene will be safer for them and free from unnecessary injuries caused by tripping over a too high threshold. In addition, easy access to the cabin is also convenience and independence, which everyone should have the right, regardless of their age. It is also easier to introduce additional facilities such as a stool to a flat shower enclosure. It does not require fixing to the wall permanently, so it will be easier to adapt to you and your needs.

Wet room kit shower tray – what should it be?

When choosing a variant of the product it is worth considering not only its technical parameters, the material from which it was made, etc., but also its habits and possibilities, just how much time we plan to spend on weekly cleaning. The smaller surface of the low shower trays and the lack of distinctive recesses and recesses make them much easier to clean and then dry and then dry. No doubt this is important information for those who just do not like to clean up!

Low shower trays are strong favorites in bathrooms decorated in a minimalist style. In conjunction with a cabin without railings, the entire beauty of the bathroom will be revealed, which in the minimalist style is based on a decorative combination of colors and solids. Of course, the slim shower tray will be a perfect complement to the furniture, which in a modern design is usually equally economical. Thanks to the small size of the shower tray and the glass shower cabin, the bathroom also looks more spacious. To optically enlarge the space, designers recommend small shower trays for small bathrooms, regardless of the interior design chosen. Also notice that thanks to the combination of a transparent shower enclosure and a low shower tray, the shower area can be distinguished by interesting tiles, waterproof wallpaper or mosaics.

Read more on wetroomsdesign.co.uk/wet-room-shower-trays.

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