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Clogged shower drain. How to deal with it?

You know the situation when the drain in the bathroom is blocked. During swimming, the water does not want to run down the drain. Often many people do not know how to deal with it. So what can you do with clogged shower drains? How do you get rid of shower drains?

Mechanical ways to clean the shower drain

The outflow area is the place where most pollutants accumulate. It is also here that most of the stone is deposited, which not only looks unesthetic but may cause faster deposition of dirt on the surface. It is important not to allow the formation of such stone deposits, and if it is, it is good to quickly and effectively remove.

One of the methods is to remove the contamination by means of a spring. This is a rolled steel wire with a sharp tip, finished with a crank. It is inserted into the clogged pipe, while turning the crank. When the wire hits the congestion, it smashes it. Two sprinklers are needed to operate the springs – one inserts the wire into the pipe and the other screws into the pipe until it is clear. A spring is a good solution to the congestion that is created deeper. Various lengths of spring are available, also in the electric version.

Ecological ways to clean the shower drain

However, clogged drains can also be throttled with more ecological means. They are especially good for fatty congestion. You can use a mixture of soda and vinegar (in a ratio of 1: 3) – pour it into the drain, and after 5-15 minutes rinse with a few liters of boiling water (note – the ingredients after mixing will begin to foam).

It is also possible to soda. About 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda to drain, then pour half a glass of vinegar. After a few minutes you pour a few liters of boiling water. Also great is the use of soda, vinegar and scrambled eggs. Add a few teaspoons of baking soda to the stuffed bottoms, pour a glass of spirit vinegar, and then plug the hole with a scoop. Pour hot water into the sink compartment and pour over the scoop for about 30 seconds. These are a few home remedies that, if turned out to be ineffective, mean that you should call the plumber.

Prepared in cooperation with wetroomsdesign.co.uk/linear-drains.

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