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Clogged shower drains

Clogged drain in the shower is not terrible. Sooner or later everyone will meet with this situation. How to deal without a plumber? How to get rid of clogged shower drains?

Quick action very important

It is best to start working before it gets completely clogged. When we observe that the water starts to flow more slowly than usual or accompanied by characteristic bubbling. That is when it is time to take action. Unfortunately, if we overlook this, it may turn out that we can not fix it ourselves. In that case we will have to call the plumber. However, if we watch our shower drain and notice that something is not right, we can buy chemicals. It is through them that we can quickly get rid of the failure.

Use chemicals to tear off the runoff

The least effort required the use of chemicals that can be found at any booth with a household chemical. These are liquids or powders that usually contain sodium hydroxide (it is sodium caustic or caustic soda), which is applied according to the instructions on the package.

It is recommended to use them prophylactically, without waiting for the drain to completely drain. They are effective when the place where the congestion is located is directly below the drainage hole. Unfortunately, it happens so often. They dissolve organic substances.

Care should be taken with them because they cause skin burns. Chemical reactions occurring during their operation are accompanied by high temperatures and sometimes this leads to the melting of the sewage system from poor quality materials. Chemicals also destroy aluminum. It should be taken into account that, during the reaction, a caustic substance may be released from the opening, so that it can not be tilted over it, and it is better to remove all aluminum objects from the vicinity. If the installation is at least partly made of aluminum, it should not be used. In that case the shower drains may break.

Chemicals usually do not help when the congestion occurs in the downstream part of the drain, just behind the siphon. Then we need to put more effort into the shower drain.

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