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Pros and cons of linear shower drains

The arrangement of aesthetic and comfortable home bathroom is a real challenge. Inspired by the latest architectural trends, it is worth considering first of all the practical aspects of selected sanitary equipment and bathroom fittings. What are the advantages and disadvantages of paddling and shower drains?

Advantages of linear drains

An unquestionable advantage of linear shower drainage is the freedom of arrangement and the avoidance of the obligation to adapt the cabin’s dimensions to the shower tray. In contrast to the centrally located drain grate, where the envelope layout of ceramic floor elements is required, linear drainage is mounted on the edge of the shower stall. This is possible due to the use of flat drain grates, which, regardless of the thickness of stone slabs or ceramic tiles, form a uniform surface with the floor.

The variety of drainage gutter models available on the market enables interesting options for the construction of shower stalls. For classic arrangements, where the walls and floor are lined with ceramic tiles, the most popular are drain grates made of stainless steel – depending on preferences, you can use a variant of shiny, matte or brushed, as well as gutters for ceramic tiles. Proponents of more innovative solutions will appreciate the model of the shower gutter with the element of sandblasted, stained glass. For bathrooms where the dominant material is stone, it is worth choosing shower drains for natural stone. Thanks to this, the whole will be very elegant and modern.

There are some drawbacks …

Installation of a shower without a shower drainage can be embarrassing. The outflow is the most important here. It is necessary to deepen the floor in relation to the rest of the floor. Some people fear that the installation may be improperly carried out, which is associated with fear of the strength of the floor and tiles. If the linear drain is mounted on the wall, it requires a one-way floor drop (about 2 percent towards the grid). This can later prove to be embarrassing at the stage of laying the tiles. During installation, leave an additional 15 cm of space for the connection elements. Therefore, if we have a bathroom upstairs, we must first make sure that the ceiling is not too thin. If this is the case, it will be safest to install a siphon with a drain in the wall (on a par with the edge of the floor).

Linear outlets are a very interesting alternative to traditional shower trays. By using this kind of solution, you can save a lot of space in the bathroom. It is a very practical and modern solution.

Prepared in cooperation with wetroomsdesign.co.uk/linear-drains.

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