Unique ideas for wedding photos

When planning a wedding, photos are one of the most common sources of inspiration for the big day! But what about the inspirations for your wedding photos? Instagram and Pinterest are full of great ideas, but all of them have been executed tons of times. That is why we are coming with some new ideas, for wedding photos using pyrotechnics.


Cooperation between the couple and photographer has to run smoothly during the big day, so discussing the ideas and approach in advance is a must. It is always appreciated to discuss the ideas, especially the ones that involve pyrotechnics, so both of the parties can be prepared.

One of the very simple, yet effective fireworks for the wedding are sparklers. They come in all variety of lengths and burn a bit differently. Those small fireworks are burning with small sparkles coming out from the flame, which creates a very nice and soft light. You can use them as an addition to the couple’s photoshoot or involve the guests in the process.


Other fireworks that shoot sparkles are volcanoes. Some of those effects can be used indoors, which makes them a perfect solution for the wow factor during the first dance or cake cutting. Make sure to take into account that they create some additional light, which will be changing over time.



We can’t forget about the traditional firework show that is involved in some weddings. Make use of the already existing opportunity and try capturing some photos of the newlyweds during the show. It is very important for the photographer to check the venue and landscape beforehand in order to get the perfect shot during the show. You have to remember that fireworks can fly quite high on the skyline, so it is important to place the couple in an accurate distance and from a good perspective. Make sure to include the loved ones in some of the pictures as well, even though you have to keep in mind the placement of the couple.



All of the ideas that involve pyrotechnics can be incorporated during other photoshoots, like engagement photos or some family gathering. Whichever of the wedding photos idea you would like to use, your photos will gain a new angle. If you are looking for more ideas, you can check this article, about photographing pyrotechnics at the wedding.

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