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Wet room kit as an effective solution for each bathroom

A shower without a shower tray is an increasingly popular solution not only in modern homes. And it’s interesting, because the water flies, but does not flow to the bathroom. We translate how to make a shower without a shower tray. Polish bathrooms are small, on average they have less than 10 square meters. Many bathrooms will not fit a standard bathtub. The solution is a shower tray. The latest solution is a shower without shower tray.

Cabin walk-in, or what it is?

Walk-in showers are open booths that do not cut the shower space from the rest of the room. Such solutions improve the comfort of using the bathroom, and at the same time reduce the claustrophobicity of small bathrooms with wet room kit.

Functional shower – taken from life

Users praise this solution. Internet users write on the forum that this type of shower was provided in a narrow, but quite long niche. When the expert took on the seals, he even exceeded the manufacturer’s recommendations. As he performed the dips, he checked the sections of a millimeter by millimeter several times. It means, that wet room kit provides a very useful type of drainage which protect from any leakages.

Pros of showering without shower tray

Showers with wet room kits make it easier to adapt the bathroom to the needs of disabled people, seniors and children. A shower enclosure without a shower tray is almost a flat floor in the entire room. It is thanks to the fact that the entrance to the shower is located on the level of the floor. Another plus is that open cabs make it easier to install the handles when spraying.

Waterproofing in the bathroom

The connections in this version will be about 10 centimeters below the floor. The sewer approach may be usually in the ground floor or in a high-density roof, ie beams densely placed next to each other made of steel and concrete or steel and ceramics.

How to protect the floor in a shower with wet room kit so that it does not leak?

One of the key aspects guaranteeing the safety of installations is the use of certified sealing products. The shower trough is best sealed comprehensively. The system based on screed, protective foil on the gutter flange, sealing tape and two layers of composite seal guarantees durability of the installation for many years. In order to test the quality of manufactured components, independent tests are carried out by independent research centers. The choice of the right specialist is also very important for wet room kits. Inaccurate assembly of even the best quality products, consequently leads to numerous defects.

Prepared in cooperation with wetroomsdesign.co.uk/wet-room-shower-trays.

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