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What are advantages of wet room kit showet trays?

Linear drain to be fitted into the water with the floor. It consists of floor, collar, siphon, adjustable scales and grate mounted in the floor. To access this option, execute the command. Linear drains are made of stainless steel and assume a shapely appearance.

Solutions for everyone

We can choose from the following types of bathroom drains:

– linear drain with a stainless steel cover in two variants (due to the width of the gutter) standard and slim with a wide range of cover designs.

– wall drain – as the name suggests, all the assembly elements are hidden in the wall.

It is possible to apply this wet room kit shower tray in both solid and light rigips walls. The design eliminates the need for a siphon. The fall is formed unilaterally or bilaterally. The drain is offered with a wide range of cover designs.

– corner drain – L-shaped outflow with a wide range of cover designs, mounted in the corner of the shower compartment. Provides more water throughput.

How to hide it?

All types of outflows can be equipped with a Plenum cover enabling filling with any material – usually the same as wall cladding or bathroom flooring, this unique feature which interior designers will appreciate will minimize the visibility of the outflow in the room, leaving the designer free and above all ensuring the required flow water and comfort of use the same as with the usual cover.

The most popular drainage

Linear drains are very popular among investors arranging their bathrooms. This solution is mainly chosen by people who want to arrange an elegant and functional interior. The linear drains give a great deal of freedom in arranging the bathroom space. Shower stall with linear drainage can be equipped with almost any cabin of any size and shape. Linear outlets are particularly suitable for walk-in cabins.

Advantage of linear drain

Deciding to install a linear drain as a wet room kit shower tray, we can also gain more space in the bathroom. We can abandon the installation of traditional acrylic shower tray and shower cubicle. It allows you to arrange a shower even in very small bathrooms, in which you cannot use a tray with traditional sizes. Another advantage of linear drains is the ease of keeping them clean. In contrast to traditional shower trays, no dirt and bacteria accumulate on their surface. Lack of thresholds and breakdowns makes it easier for disabled people to take a bath.

As mentioned above, nowaday people have a lot of option to arrange their bathroom, even if it is not ine the largest sizes. Using drainage which can be hidden under the floor or wall can effectively increase comfort of taking shower.

Read more on wetroomsdesign.co.uk/wet-room-shower-trays.

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